Selected Solo


Becker, Palta
Creston, Concertino for Marimba
Milhaud, Concerto Pour Batterie et Petit Orchestre
Ziporyn, Mumbai

Marimba Solos

Abe, Michi
Bach, selections from Sonatas & Partitas for Solo Violin
Bach, Suite No. 1 for Solo Cello
Druckman, Reflections on the Nature of Water
Gomez, Mbira Song
Lobi/Naranjo, Jong Kplek Kple
Lobi/Naranjo, Kpanlogo
Miki, A Young Sprout (arr. Zator)
Miyaki, Chain
Miyoshi, Conversation: Suite for Marimba
O'Meara, Restless
Sammut, Libertango
Schmidtt, Ghanaia
Sejourne, Katamiya
Simon, Amulet
Smadbeck, Rhythm Song
Stout, Two Mexican Dances
Tanaka, Two Movements for Marimba

Multiple Percussion Solos

Andriesson, Woodpecker
Harrison, Solo for Anthony Cirone
Hollinden, Six Ideas for Snare, Bass, and Cymbal
Kitazume, Side by Side
Kotche, Projections of (What) Might . . .
Kraft, English Suite
Kraft, French Suite
Mazzariello, Monobot
Udow, excerpts from The Contemporary Percussionist
Xenakis, Rebonds

Snare Drum Solos

Becker, Mudra
Becker, New-Thaan
Benson, Three Dances for Solo Snare Drum
Fink, Jongo
Markovich, Stamina
Másson, Prím
Novotney, A Minute of News
Rennick, Slopes
Tompkins, March
Udow, Inside-Out With a Secret P.S.

Vibraphone Solos

Bach, selections from Sonatas & Partitas for Solo Violin
Friedman, Trance
Kotche, Fantasy on a Shona Theme
Kuster, Rain Chain
Molenhof, The Waltz King
Satie, Gymnopedie No. 1
Umezaki, For Zero



Selected Chamber Repertoire

Mixed Chamber Music

Adams, songbirdsongs
Akiho, 21
Aldridge, Three Dance
Bartok, Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion
Biedenbender, Schism
Cage, Credo in Us
Cerrone, Double Happiness 
Farr, Kembang Suling
Ginastera, Cantata Para America Magica
Harrison, Canticle No. 3
Pearce, damask
Schultz, Dragons in the Sky
Stravinsky, Histoire du Soldat
Udow, The Shattered Mirror

Percussion Chamber Muisc

Adams, Qilyaun
Andersson, The Lonliness of Santa Claus
Andreasson, Tinplay
Bergamo, Piru Bole
Beyer, IV
Cage, ance Music for Ilfred Ide
Cage, First Construction
Cage, Second Construction
Cage, Third Construction
Colgrass, Six Allegro Duets
Chavez, Tocatta for Percussion
Cole, Postludes
Condon, Fractalia
DeSantis, Shifty
Eriksson, Träd
Hall, DisArchitecture
Harrison, Canticle No. 1
Harrison, Suite
Hollinden, The Whole Toy Laid Down
Koshinski, Dance of the Drums
Kotche, Clapping Music Variations
Lang, The So-Called Laws of Nature
Levitan, Variations on a Ghanaian Theme
G. Ligeti, Continuum
L. Ligeti, Pattern Transformation
Martin, Stridulations for the Good Luck Feast
Mellits, Red
Nørgard, Zigzag
Peck, Lift-Off!
Psathas, Kyoto
Reich, Mallet Quartet
Reich, Music for Pieces of Wood
Reich, Nagoya Marimbas
Rouse, Ku-Ka-Ilimoku
Rouse, Ogoun Badagris
Roldan, Ritmicas
Shanahan, Saidi Swing
Silverman, Spiderweb Lead
Skidmore, Whispers
Treuting, Extremes
Udow, Topsy Turvy
Varese, Ionisation
Westlake, Omphalo Centric Lecture
Zivkovic, Trio Per Uno

Compositions & Arrangements

Compositions for Percussion Ensemble

Egyptian Escapade (2015)
Jugalbandi (2013)
PTA (2010)
The Mission (2006)

Arrangments for Percussion Solo

Eno, Music for Airports: 1/1 (2011)
Satie, Gymnopedie No. 1 (2011)
Touré, Cinquante Six (2010)

Chamber Reductions

Milhaud, Concerto for Percussion & Small Orchestra (2013)